Education Program

  • Are you concerned about which equipments to buy ?
  • Which ones to buy and from where ?
  • How long will they last ?
  • Why should I service my equipments ?
  • How often should I service them ?
  • Do you really need servicing for equipments?
  • What is warranty ?
  • What shall get covered in warranty ?
  • What is the correct way of maintaining equipments?
  • What is Maintenance ?
  • What should one do to keep our equipments up to date and in working conditions ?
  • What are the pros and cons of Maintenance and servicing regularly and why should we take care of equipments ?

All these are general, but important questions when you invest your hard earned money in buying or renting equipments required for your medical unit. Yes, certainly you will be worried because you have paid a lot of money to make your medical unit viable and to face the challenges of the current and changing patient population. So what should one do to keep your medical unit intact at all times and how to increase the longevity of the equipments, instruments and the machines that are part of your medical unit.

Yes, when we talk of machines, we should pay equal importance to the people who are operating and handling them. They are the key drivers of the machines workability, efficiency and life. They need the appropriate training and knowledge to handle your machines for you. One needs to understand the need of these people who handle machines, they knowledge about handling machines and their capacities. We take these factors very lightly and ignore the fact that our medical units efficiency can get compromised if all these factors are not considered important.

This is the reason why Neelay Medizintech believes in spending time on increasing the efficiency and capacity of the staff of the medical units in training them to utilise, update, manage and maintain machines / equipments used on our patients by training professionals, para medics and other non paramedical staff to understand machines and handling them before, during and after duty.

The life of the machines will increase only if they are cared for like human beings are and we will be able to efficiently provide care to our patients and serve them genuinely.

The 2 day onsite/ hospital site training entails:

  1. Understanding the basic concept of Machine and its parts. Care Manual and its servicing and maintenance guide.
  2. The kind of care every machine needs? Care- before, during and after use.
  3. Indicators of good care and bad/ inappropriate care / misuse of machinery and its effects in the short and long term.
  4. What is the difference between the care provided by the biomedical technicians during their AMC visits and regular maintenance?
  5. How to report malfunctions in a machines/ or the kind of parameters to look for if the machines are not working as normal.
  6. What are the parameters one should look for while buying machines.
  7. Importance of training staff to use new machines.
  8. Indicators for when to call a biomedical technician if machines start misbehaving.
  9. Why are service manuals useful and why should we preserve them.